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Celebrating the unique flavors of all chillies

Our chillies put the fire in our bellies that drives us to do what we love best – and that’s sauces and seasonings that encourage people to discover new sensations and find new ways of enjoying what they eat.

From mild to wild

We believe in celebrating the unique flavors of all chilli peppers. With thousands of varieties out there, there’s so much potential for discovering great taste combinations and levels of heat. We think it’s bonkers that people limit themselves to just one of two varieties. Instead, we blend many together with other complementary ingredients for recipes that put taste first every time. Heat is just an added bonus!

That’s not to say we don’t go to extremes when required – our hottest sauces showcase the chilli with very few other ingredients. But what really gets us going is finding new ways to bring delicious new tastes to the table by being fearless with flavor. That’s been our mission from day one and it always will be.